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    Augmented Reality - Immersive Tech

    Watch your project come to life – The Bionic Group is working on incorporating some fit-out sequences and high-rise towers into Augmented Reality (AR) to be viewed on personal mobile devices.

    The 3D models are placed on any surface, after which you can interact with the model by spinning it around and controlling the timeline, with the freedom of physically getting in closer and looking at different perspectives.

    The Bionic Group always looks at new ways to showcase and impress with visual communications, to make sure your projects stand out. If you have any questions about AR or other immersive technologies, get in touch to discuss your project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +44 (0)1753 653456.

    AR Photo

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    4/5D Modelling + Synchro

    The Bionic Group is currently working on an exciting project dovetailing Synchro into our known 4/5D Phasing animations, allowing ongoing usability of the 3D model and maximise value for our client.

    We carefully consider commercial value-add in our projects. Our latest decision to work with Synchro supports that approach. We aim to provide long-standing use cases to our projects, to ensure the assets can be repurposed and benefitted from later in the project’s lifecycle.

    For this project, our 4D Phasing and Logistics animation will still be used to tell the story of the project and highlight the client’s unique selling points, however the same BIM information will be used for a Synchro model. The Synchro model will then be taken forward after the bidding stage, providing the client with an important asset.

    For more information on using Synchro for your tenders, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +44 (0) 1753 653456.

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    Drones in Construction: The Sky is the Limit

    Based on our presence at the Commercial UAV Expo in Amsterdam, it seems the construction industry in Europe and beyond is embracing UAV technology to aid their works.

    UAVs for construction have proven to be especially useful for different stages in the lifecycle of a project. This is due to a growing number of tasks/features UAVs can effectively take care of, such as:

    -HSEQ Compliance

    -Subcontractor Compliance

    -Vegetation & Topology Surveys

    -Volumetric Data

    -Survey-Grade LiDAR (Point Cloud)

    -Constant Site overview

    -Logistics overview

    -Backlog of project data

    As Skylogic Research, LLC / Drone Analyst study shows, most commercial drone use globally is currently related to construction. See the breakdown below.

    Drone use per sector


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  • 25

    Merry Christmas from Bionic!

    The team celebrated the holidays by starting off with lunch at the OXO Tower and going down to Liverpool Street! We enjoyed fantastic views and look back on an equally good year. From everyone at Bionic, we wish you a happy Christmas and New Year!

    We look forward to working together again in 2019.

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