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    Drone in Construction! So how can they help me!

    It seems that drones are being used everywhere, even in Construction. If you want to find out more about how they are being used you may want to drop down to the Commercial UAV Show at London’s ExCel this week.
    Our sister company The Bionic Eye will be exhibiting there and would like to offer a free invite to see what all the buzz is about.
    Working with industry The Bionic Eye not only offers a consultancy service to allow customer to fully understand the legal and systems minefield which can be costly if approved incorrectly, but also offer a full design and build for specialist projects, to long-term inspection and surveying where with the talents of the Bionic Group 3D team can mix data with traditional 3D & BIM models for rich bonging data analysis as the project unfolds to help communicate project deliverable.
    Please feel free to use the link below to get your free ticket and let us know if you have any specific projects in mind or we can help in any way.

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    The PowerEgg is here!

    Our sister The Bionic Eye will be showcasing the radically designed PowerEgg, the drone that combines the revolutionary 4K camera with an elegant, portable, and durable egg-shaped design.

    Both its landing gear and propeller struts retract back into the housing for easy transportation but flick out for flight. The bottom tip of the Egg pops off to reveal a 4K UHD camera mounted on a stabilized 360 degree gimbal. 

    The Power Egg is capable of flying both indoors and out. When outside, the UAV's on-board GPS keeps track of where it is relative to the operator. When flying inside, the Power Egg switches over to sonar and ground pattern recognition to understand its orientation.

    Users can control the UAV with either a standard two-axis controller or with a dedicated gesture remote. This secondary controller is designed specifically for people who are new to flying and may be hesitant to give it a go. Wave the remote up to have the Power Egg climb or sweep to the left and right to have it pan. And if that's too much for your tech-phobic relatives to handle, the wand remote also includes an analogue thumbstick. Both remotes offer single-button landing and both rely on your iOS and Android mobile device for processing power. 

    The Power Egg is also able to think for itself, to a degree, and offers a number of autonomous features.  You can command it to travel between pre-selected waypoints while you control the camera, have it circle a specific location  -- you can even have it perpetually train its camera on the operator in Selfie Mode.

    Come and see the PowerEgg at Commercial UAV Show at London’s ExCel next week,we are stand (41), where you will also have the opportunity to win one!

    Book your free ticket here:

     TBE PowerEgg1

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    New Dimension Added to 4D Phasing

    In The Bionic Group’s continual development, our talented team has incorporated a Virtual Reality (VR) aspect into our widely known 4D Phasing animations. This in-house developed program is running on a bespoke render engine, and allows the user to walk or fly through an animation. At any point, the user may choose to play, pause, rewind or fast forward, as well as jump to pre-set locations at the push of a button.

    4D Phasing is a crucial part of explaining and presenting a project throughout its different phases of construction. However, in explaining an animation, it is important that it is accompanied by overlays, overviews of the location on the map, and other items that ensure the viewer is well informed. By developing programs that allow users to immerse themselves in the animation, they get the opportunity to interact with the process as much as their creativity allows – going far beyond the capabilities of standard visualisation.

    Seeing the process unfold from different angles, in the complete context of the rest of the project, will provide a deeper understanding and require less technical knowledge. This takes the extensiveness of The Bionic Group’s 4D Phasing project, and makes it even easier to follow and understand.

    This type of immersive presentation is currently being developed for accessibility on PCs, VR, and tablets. For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager David Hovanesian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    David Hovanesian joins The Bionic Group as Business Development Manager

    We are pleased to welcome David Hovanesian this month, as he joins as the new Business Development Manager of The Bionic Group. With a background in civil engineering and business development, David will be liaising with clients and making sure their expectations are met.

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