4/5D Modelling + Synchro

The Bionic Group is currently working on an exciting project dovetailing Synchro into our known 4/5D Phasing animations, allowing ongoing usability of the 3D model and maximise value for our client.

We carefully consider commercial value-add in our projects. Our latest decision to work with Synchro supports that approach. We aim to provide long-standing use cases to our projects, to ensure the assets can be repurposed and benefitted from later in the project’s lifecycle.

For this project, our 4D Phasing and Logistics animation will still be used to tell the story of the project and highlight the client’s unique selling points, however the same BIM information will be used for a Synchro model. The Synchro model will then be taken forward after the bidding stage, providing the client with an important asset.

For more information on using Synchro for your tenders, contact us on or call us on +44 (0) 1753 653456.