Andy Ling Retirement

Last week, we went into the heart of London for a very special celebration. 16 years after co-founding the business, Andy Ling stepped down as a Director. To celebrate his retirement, the team went to BAFTA, had a great lunch, and finally went to the Sky Garden to admire the great views of the city. In observing London’s skyline, it was delightful to see the numerous iconic projects we have worked on.

Andy is a pioneer in the industry and has always brought great passion, innovation, and a forward-thinking attitude to the business. During his time at The Bionic Group, Andy has led countless innovative projects, and has always made it his goal to achieve the gold standard for clients. We wish Andy all the best in his future endeavours.

The team here at The Bionic Group continue to innovate its visual communications and is facing an exciting landscape in ever-evolving technologies. Whilst embracing new technology, Bionic will maintain its passion and efficiency in what it does best; making projects stand out.

We are looking forward to being your creative and technical partner on your projects that matter the most.