The Bionic Eye to Appear at The Commercial UAV Expo Europe



The Bionic Eye, the subsidiary of The Bionic Group specialising in UAV distribution and consultation, will be showcasing its latest technology at The Commercial UAV Expo Europe this April.

Held this year in Amsterdam between the 10th to 12th of April, the expo bills itself as “the onlypan-European event for commercial drone professionals,” The Commercial UAV expos are based on a formula started in the US in 2015, and the previous one, held last year in Brussels, attracted many different drone specialists, featuring the latest technology sector-wide. It will also feature numerous different professional speakers in these fields.

In addition to exhibitors, there will be talks on everything from developing technology to changing regulations in the UAV sector.

Andrew Eio, Director of The Bionic Eye: “We’re excited to be exhibiting at the Commercial UAV Show in Amsterdam. We’ve seen a significant increase in requests for UAV solutions to empower businesses to make key decisions.”

David Hovanesian, Business Development Manager, added: “As UAVs are taking an expanding role in many sectors, more capabilities and functionalities are being opened up for commercial gain. Often, pilots will find that the gear they use is inefficient at doing what they intend. At The Bionic Eye, we work back from the project requirement for the desired deliverables, and custom design and build an airframe that will do exactly what they need, as efficiently as possible. We are delighted to take part in this growing demand for specialist UAVs.”

Are you attending the Commercial UAV EXPO Europe 2018? Schedule a personal meeting with The Bionic Eye - whether it’s discussing a project or seeing what we have to offer, you can book a personal meeting with ourselves during the expo. To do so, contact us in advance via David@TheBionicEye.co.uk with the subject line Commercial UAV Show Meeting, or via the contact sheet on your website (link here). Networking events will also be held at the Expo, a list of which is here. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Bionic Eye itself will be at Booth #317.