The Bionic Eye Exhibits at BSC Expo 2018

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Considering its parent company, The Bionic Group was once based in Pinewood Studios, the home of so many famous films, it’s only fitting that The Bionic Eye appeared at this year’s BSC Expo. The BSC Expo is the UK’s premier film and tv production trade fair, held at the Battersea Evolution in London on 2nd and 3rd of February.

Manning a stall at the Expo, The Bionic Eye held on display a sample of the services they can provide to the film industry. As David Hovanesian, the Business Development Manager of The Bionic Eye’s parent company, The Bionic Group explained: “we want to meet the people who are currently actively involved in the film industry; to spread what’s already renowned as a well-known and well appreciated solution in Hollywood and spread that in the UK.”

The star of the show was the Gryphon Dynamics Airframe, The Bionic Eye being its distributor. As the preferred choice on Hollywood feature films thanks to its state of the art manufacturing and design technology, giving it incredible ultra-heavy lift capabilities and reliability in a variety of environments, ultra-heavy payload, and a modular design allowing it to be packed and unpacked easily and configured in a host of different ways to suit a variety of challenging needs.

As Andrew Eio, director of The Bionic Eye explained: “now that The Bionic Eye has been established for 4 years and is expanding, we want to re-engage with the film industry with the unique flexibility of the Gryphon Dynamics, the Rolls-Royce of drone air frames.”

“They are super-engineered UAV airframes. The key is flexibility and endurance, and even with professional movie camera systems and lens and follow focus, they can fly for 15-25 minutes, which is unheard of with other systems.”

Visitors to The Bionic Eye stall could also submit their names for a chance to win a free PowerVision PowerEgg UAV. On the more commercial end of The Bionic Eye’s services, the PowerEgg combines the revolutionary 4K camera with an elegant, portable, and unique egg-shaped design.

Link to The Bionic Eye website.

More information on the Gryphon Dynamics Airframes here.

More information on the PowerEgg here.

For more information about the products and services The Bionic Eye and its parent company, The Bionic Group provide, contact David Hovanesian at: David@TheBionicEye.co.uk.