Drone in Construction! So how can they help me!

It seems that drones are being used everywhere, even in Construction. If you want to find out more about how they are being used you may want to drop down to the Commercial UAV Show at London’s ExCel this week.
Our sister company The Bionic Eye will be exhibiting there and would like to offer a free invite to see what all the buzz is about.
Working with industry The Bionic Eye not only offers a consultancy service to allow customer to fully understand the legal and systems minefield which can be costly if approved incorrectly, but also offer a full design and build for specialist projects, to long-term inspection and surveying where with the talents of the Bionic Group 3D team can mix data with traditional 3D & BIM models for rich bonging data analysis as the project unfolds to help communicate project deliverable.
Please feel free to use the link below to get your free ticket and let us know if you have any specific projects in mind or we can help in any way.