New Dimension Added to 4D Phasing

In The Bionic Group’s continual development, our talented team has incorporated a Virtual Reality (VR) aspect into our widely known 4D Phasing animations. This in-house developed program is running on a bespoke render engine, and allows the user to walk or fly through an animation. At any point, the user may choose to play, pause, rewind or fast forward, as well as jump to pre-set locations at the push of a button.

4D Phasing is a crucial part of explaining and presenting a project throughout its different phases of construction. However, in explaining an animation, it is important that it is accompanied by overlays, overviews of the location on the map, and other items that ensure the viewer is well informed. By developing programs that allow users to immerse themselves in the animation, they get the opportunity to interact with the process as much as their creativity allows – going far beyond the capabilities of standard visualisation.

Seeing the process unfold from different angles, in the complete context of the rest of the project, will provide a deeper understanding and require less technical knowledge. This takes the extensiveness of The Bionic Group’s 4D Phasing project, and makes it even easier to follow and understand.

This type of immersive presentation is currently being developed for accessibility on PCs, VR, and tablets. For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager David Hovanesian at david@thebionicgroup.com